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Kong Gateway Foundations

Kong Gateway Foundations is an introductory course to Kong Gateway. It is a required course for accreditation in Kong Gateway Operations.

  • Course Number

  • Self-Paced

Course Overview

This course balances instruction, hands on lab exercises and quizzes to introduce the learner to the fundamental concepts of Kong Gateway, including managing Kong Gateway, designing an API, and exposing the API through Kong Gateway.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Understanding of the background landscape behind Kong Gateway, and it’s basic Value Proposition
  • Understand basics concepts of Kong
    • Services
    • Routes
    • Consumers
  • Kong Plugins to extend Kong Gateway
    • Key Auth
    • Rate Limiting
  • Use Kong Manager and the Kong Admin API for management
  • Use Insomnia to design an API using the OpenAPI Specification
  • Basic Kong Konnect Gateway Troubleshooting
  • Convert an OpenAPI Specification into Kong
  • Import/Export Kong Config with decK

Target Audience

Anyone involved with API management




  • Basic Linux Command Line proficiency
  • General Networking proficiency
  • Understanding of RESTful API concepts
  • Understanding of Git workflows