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Kong Academy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

LMS Migration on March 31

On March 31st, Kong Academy will be migrating to a new learning management system(LMS). While our current system fitted our needs at the time of deployment, the needs of our learners and the complex nature of some of our labs have lead us to determine that a new system was needed to support the continued growth of our user base.  The change should be relatively seamless for our users. On the cutover date, our web URL will be pointed to the new LMS. Users accessing directly will have to create a new password, but as long as you use the same email address, your course completion data will be preserved. all users will need to register on our lab platform on first attempting to use a learning lab and you will be required to use the same email address as you use to log in to Kong Academy. We will continue to issue badges on accredited course/learning path  completion and on certification from Credly.

Q. Will my course progress  be migrated to Kong Academy?

Only course completion will be migrated. If you have started, but not completed an accredited course (Accredited training will have the letters "AC" in the course code.), we encourage you to complete it before migration. Otherwise you will have to start from the beginning again on the new LMS.

Q. Does Kong offer certification?

Yes. See

Q. I have completed all of the learning material and labs, but have not yet received my badge.

You also need to complete the 'Knowledge Check' quiz in each section and get an overall score of 80% across all Knowledge Checks to pass the course. 

Q. Why does my course say resume when I have completed the course?

This is a quirk, or feature (depending on who you ask) of the Appsembler OpenEdx LMS platform. We agree that it is confusing and unintuitive and have requested that it be addressed. The presumption is that when a course is completed, a learner may wish to revisit.